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14 August 2018 | The F-Bomb Flash Reading Fiction Series, 7:30PM, Mercury Cafe, 2199 California Street, Denver, CO | Hosted by David Atkinson

More information available on the Facebook Events Page.

Featured reader:

    • Natanya Ann Pulley

Guest readers:

    • April Bradley
    • Jayne Martin
    • A. E. Weisgerber
    • Chelsea Voulgares
    • Nancy Stohlman, and
    • Hillary Leftwich
    • Paul Beckman


13 November 2018 | great weather for MEDIA: Suitcase of Chrysanthemums Anthology | Hosted by GW4M at KGB Red Room, 85 E 4th St, NYC

Past Readings:


Tuesday 26 June 2018 | St. Mary’s College of Maryland | Chesapeake Bay Writers

Once home to the poet Lucille Clifton, this beautiful campus known for its sunsets is dotted with Clifton’s post-9/11 poetry. The perfect place to present “Upfurler,” which persists as my favorite story to read.

Friday 1 June 2018 | Launch Party for Kiss Kiss by Paul Beckman | NYC @KGB Red Room

This was a great night reading — beside celebrating the publication of my good friend Paul’s new flash fiction collection, he invited a group of writers to select a favorite story of his to read, and then opened the mic for readers to read their own work! The reading kicked off with a spotlight on three readers in particular, Devin Kelly, Niles Reddick, and Leonora Desar.

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Paul is an all-around champion of the short-short story, and is the emcee at large and in charge of the East Coast FBomb Flash Fiction Reading Series, a series that began in Denver with Nancy Stohlman.  Kiss Kiss is out now from Truth Serum Press, and you can learn more about it at this link.  Fellow reader, Niles Reddick, also had written a review of it at the MBR Reviewers Bookwatch, which includes this astute summary:

From a dentist with no eyebrows in “Dean’s Dilemma” to “Floaters” that recounts the reality of someone who has those annoying black dots in his eyes, Beckman offers us slice after slice of the good and bad of humanity. Each story is realistic and believable even when it might be a stretch in reality like in “Wallflower Solution” when a wife gives her husband a crib sheet at parties to use since he’s an introvert and in “Epilogue” where two daughters who the parents thought had been abducted reappear after five years, having been living it up with a couple of truckers in their mobile homes.

Paul’s stories are at turns entertaining and heartbreaking, but always delightful.  Another review, by Craig Fishbane, can be found at Bending Genres. Here’s a link!

So, here’s a report on the reading.  Reddick quickly established himself as everyone’s favorite visiting Tennessean.  This was Niles’s first visit to NYC with his family, and it was so much fun to share in their delights! Rather than read from a book, he did his storytelling old school and without a script, and I’ll never forget the story of the grandmother accidentally put naked in a cardboard box before being driven by a family member 8 hours to her own wake.  Strangely, that was not fiction. LOL.  Niles is right, sometimes the real work of fiction is “toning down” real life!

After those three writers, there was a BARRAGE of BECKMAN, as one after another, writers took the stage to read one of Paul’s gems.  Kind of a Roman candle of readings. Pow pow pow! Following, Paul invited everyone to come back up and read a few of their own.  Paul even had 20 pizzas delivered to the bar! So we took a pizza break about midway, and got a chance to mingle and laugh. Just wonderful.  Here is a list of readers, and I always note what stories I read, too, just so I can look here to remember.

      • Niles Reddick
      • Devin Kelly
      • Leonora Desar
      • Jennifer Juneau
      • Francine Witte
      • Sandra Beckman
      • A.E. Weisgerber
        • “Goodbye Already” from Kiss Kiss by Paul Beckman
        • “Knoxville” by A.E. Weisgerber, forthcoming in the 2018  anthology National Flash Fiction Day: Ripening
        • “Torquatus” by A.E. Weisgerber, forthcoming in Great Weather for MEDIA’s 2018 anthology
      • Brian Zimbler
      • Craig Fishbane
      • Nancy Ludmerer
      • Joshua Beckman
      • Mathieu Cailler
      • Susan Weiman

The FBOMB NYC Flash Fiction Reading Series is hosted by Beckman on the first Friday of every month, as the fabled KGB Red Room Literary Reading Space, 85 E 4th St, NYC. Come on out and join in hearing some of the greatest readings of short fiction and poetry! It’s a great night in a great space.  <3

Friday 2 February 2018 | F-Bomb NYC | Hosted by Paul Beckman @ KGB Red Room

      • Madeline Artenberg

        Weisgerber and Beckman at the F-Bomb NYC Flash Fiction Reading Series 2 February 2018 at the KGB Bar and Red Room Literary Reading Space
        Weisgerber and Beckman 2/2/2018 NYC KGB Red Room FBomb NYC Flash Fiction Reading Series
      • Gessy Alvarez
      • Nancy Ludmerer
      • Alison McBain
      • Courtney Sender
      • Francine Witte
      • A.E. Weisgerber
        • “Theseus in Belleville”
        • “Stirrup”
        • “Love”
        • “Moiety”
        • “Proto-Indo-European”
        • “Upfurler”

Friday 6 October 2017 | F-Bomb NYC | Hosted by Paul Beckman @ KGB Red Room

      • Peg Alford Pursell

        Photo credit: (c)2017 Jennifer Juneau
      • Laurie Stone
      • Tina Barry
      • Michael Keith
      • Sarah Erskine
      • Jan Elman Stout
      • A.E. Weisgerber
        • “Orphan”
        • “Moi, Je Suis la Porte”
        • “Graft”
        • “Stirrup”
        • “Charivari”

Friday 4 August 2017 | F-Bomb NYC  | Hosted by Paul Beckman @ KGB Red Room, 85 E 4th, East Village NYC

      • DGb27IqXYAEhr0WYvonne Conza,
      • Francine Witte,
      • Julie Turley,
      • Randall Brown
      • Katie Rainey,
      • Paul Beckman,
      • Anne Weisgerber,
        • “Upfurler”
        • “Graft”
        • “Stirrup”
        • “Charivari”
        • “Summer Baby”
      • Jennifer Juneau

Tuesday 27 June 2017 | The Frost Place Conference on Poetry and Teaching |Hosted by Dawn Potter and Kerrin McCadden @ The Henry Holt Barn, Franconia, NH

First reading of “Stirrup”  20170627_092552

Friday 7 April 2017 | F-Bomb NYC | Hosted by Paul Beckman @ KGB Red Room, 85 E 4th, East Village NYC

      • Peter Cherches20170407_193356_002
      • Peter Wortsman
      • Anne Weisgerber
        •  “Upfurler”
        • “Fantastic Fabrics”
        • “Controlled Delivery”
      • Julie Turley
      • Eliel Lucero
      • Devin Kelly
      • Craig Fishbane

Friday 22 March 2017 | FLAPPERHOUSE #13 Launch Party | Hosted by Joe O’Brien @ Pacific Standard, Brooklyn NYC

      • Gregory Crosby
      • Lisa Marie Basile
      • Michael Diaz Fieto
      • Anne Weisgerber
        • “Upfurler”
        • “Orphan”
        • “Picnic”
      • Kurt Cobain
      • Adam Tedesco
      • Abigail Welhouse

Friday 6 January 2017| F-Bomb NYC | Hosted by Paul Beckman @ KGB Red Room, 85 E 4th, East Village NYC

      • Karen Levy,
      • Courtney Sender,
      • 20170407_185434Eliel Lucero
      • Anne Weisgerber,
        • “Upfurler”
        •  “Orphan”
        • “Theseus in Belleville”
        • “Summer Baby”
      • Iris Schwartz
      • Jan Elman Stout
      • Devin Kelly

Saturday 22 October 2017 | BEST SMALL FICTIONS 2016 | Hosted by Paul Beckman @ KGB Red Room, East Village NYC

      • Eliel Luceroscreen-shot-2016-10-23-at-8-38-44-pm
      • Dawn Raffell
      • Britt Haraway
      • Courtney Sender
      • Robert Vaughan
      • Tina Barry
      • Nancy Ludmerer
      • Dianca London Potts
      • Ilana Massad
      • Anne Weisgerber
        • “Sleeping Beauty, Markson Fangirl”

Friday 9 September 2017 | FIRST F-Bomb NYC | Hosted by Paul Beckman, Bud Smith, Nancy Stohlman @ KGB Red Room, East Village NYC

    • Bud Smith,

      Most all of the readers!
    • Nancy Stohlman,
    • Alice Kaltman,
    • Loren Kleinman
    • Jane Liddle,
    • Chuck Howe,
    • Sara Lippmann,
    • Gessy Alvarez,
    • Anne Weisgerber
      • “Upfurler”
      • “Summer Baby”
    • Jan Elman Stout
    • Jolene McIlwaine
    • Paul Beckman



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