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This little microprose came about in a number of ways.  One of the girls in my book club has a brother who is quite a big deal in the paranormal industry, and so we are always interested to know what’s new on the other side.  I have been told that the dead leave dimes because they are the lightest weight coin and easy to move.  They put them in odd places (e.g. underneath rugs, in your pathway) to remind you of them.

I’m also in process of putting together my first chapbook, and the central theme is Time, in its ontological sense: Not just when and where but why.

This story began on the fly as a response to a prompt in a Kathy Fish Fast Flash Workshop (which I heartily recommend) and I tooled around with it the day after a recent book club conversation.  If you’d like to make an origami dime-in-ring, they are a great trick to know and here are some instructions.

If you’d like to spend maybe a minute reading a story that took a month to write, then please read “Sugar.”  Many thanks to fiction editor Justin Daugherty at New South Journal for picking up this little dime, I was hoping like a ghost that somebody would notice it, and I thank you, too, for reading.

Here is Sugar.



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