2 April 2016 | Chad Works at the IMF Now | Pidgeonholes

First published 2 April 2016 in Pidgeonholes | Bello: Volume 6

Special note on the art that accompanies this blog post: it’s an acrylic painting by artist Jerry Kearns titled Casanova.  It hangs behind the cash register of one of my favorite favorite little art galleries in New York City, Mike Weiss Gallery.  This is only a detail from the painting, which is quite large, 84 x 72″, and should be seen in person if you want to give a mental high-five to an artist.  The guy’s a genius. He’s got superpowers.

Thanks for this story go to Christopher DeWan at the Eckleburg Workshops, for his inspiring leadership in the 30×30 session where this idea was hatched. Then to my writing crew, #fishtankwriters, who ran it through the workshop paces.  And of course to editor Nolan Liebert, who is sharp and supportive.

From Nolan’s introduction to the BELLO volume of Pidgeonholes Vol 6:

Life is battling, is conflicting, is confronting. From the Latin verb, bello, these pieces cry out. A war cry, an acknowledgement of anger and fear, loss and glory. There are no sides to chose in this life; we are all human, and whether we are aware or not, we carry the same flags into the same conflicts over and over again.

This micro flash began as a prompt: give a character a super power.  Well, meet Chad Hapstack.  He’s an accounting wiz.

Please follow this link to enjoy this rapid little micro-flash, “Chad Works at the IMF Now” at Pidgeonholes Volume 6 BELLO.