Podcast: “Rewards” | No Extra Words Episode #48

First broadcast on 18 May 2016.  Click here to jump right to the podcast.

I might come back and add more information about this story, but it started as a prompt over a year ago in a fiction workshop at Gotham Writers in NYC.  (Shout out to Jaime Karnes!)

“Rewards” began as a riff on David Copperfield, and before I knew what hit me, it was full of Faraday cages and torn retinas, husbands and wives and children, but the backbone of it was the notion of a clock stopper,  a.k.a. that person with a zippy charge about them that confounds mechanical watches.  They exist.  I know.

As with most flash, there is a good stripped-down truth somewhere under the hood, and this one got tinkered for quite some time.  Many thanks to the editor and producer of No Extra Words, Kris Baker Dersch, for accepting its final form!

Here is a link to the No Extra Words website. My story, “Rewards,” is a chapter in Episode 48 Disregard the Warnings.

“Rewards” is a story of a fantastical person and an ordinary family. By Anne Elizabeth Weisgerber, copyright 2015, used with permission.

Here is a direct link to the podcast.  I begin reading at the 12:00 mark.

Thanks for listening and for supporting the No Extra Words Podcast — this is my first fiction reading, so hur-rah!!

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