Mothers + Sons | 31 May 2016 | The Airgonaut

First published on 31 May 2016 at The Airgonaut.  To jump to the story, click here.

The Airgonaut is very special to me.  It was the first journal to publish any of my flash fiction, a counterpoint that documents a very special love affair: How to Meet Mark Chagall.

This story, “Mothers + Sons,” is a diptych.  It was written with the good cheer and readership of exceptional friends, and I thank the Fishtank for being a boat of inspiration “dragging an anchor” (thank Gay for that imagery), at times a lifeline that jostles my typewriter into action. As a matter of fact, three Tankers are in this table of contents, making this edition of The Airgonaut especially happy for me.

I was torn over which artwork to feature as an image with this one — a photo of Vegas flick-flick cards in a gutter? a photo of my boys with a fawn? or the picture selected?  I said, let that box stay put.   Don’t be so literal.  It’s a sign of the past.  I took the photo last weekend when camping in upstate New York.  Do you know which town?

Thank you for visiting my blog.  I hope that you enjoy reading Mothers + Sons.



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