FBomb Fiction Reading Series NYC Reader Photos

The first-ever FBomb Fiction Reading Series in NYC on 9 September 2016 was a great night — standing room only! Thanks to the many friends, fellow writers, and flash fans who packed the KGB Bar Red Room for this first-ever offshoot of a flash fiction celebration that began “in Denver, during a snowstorm, with six people”according to founder Nancy Stohlman.

Nancy was at the event, bringing good Denver tidings, and was a featured reader.  She kicked things off Cosmo-style by quizzing the audience on whether they are flash-phenoms or simply, “flash-curious!” She did a great “flip and read” of random stories from her “The Vixen Scream” collection. Shhexxxxy!  The other featured reader, Bud Smith, treated the audience to a sneak peak at how he rates his life (local fire station, being half-deaf, and more), a new bi-weekly column that he’s launching soon at Barrelhouse! He also read one of my favorite recent stories of his, “Roast Beast.”

Paul Beckman, besides emceeing, also did a “flip and read” and told some tales from his latest collection, “Peek.”

Here are photos of all of the rest of us, photography courtesy of my partner for 24 years, Paul Weisgerber. Thanks all for the support == it meant so much to read with friends old and new, in New York City at the storied KGB Bar.

Check out the slideshow for photos of readers in action.

Beside Bud Smith and Nancy Stohlman, here are readers extraordinaire Jane Liddle, Alice Kaltman, Loren Kleinman, Paul Beckman, Gessy Alvarez, Sara Lippman, Chuck Howe, Anne Weisgerber, Jan Elman-Stout, Jolene McIlwaine.

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