She Curled Tight | Long Exposure Magazine Issue 4 | 28 October 2016

First published October 2016 at Long Exposure Magazine.  Many thanks to editor Daniel Williams for this publication. To jump to the issue, (“SCT” is on page 17), click here.

I’m excited to share the table of contents with so many writers whose work I admire: Nod Ghosh, Jesse Bradley, Santino Prinzi, Ash Chantler, to name a few.

“She Curled Tight” began in a Kathy Fish reunion weekend with many of her other past students, held on the recently revamped discussion boards over at Coppola’s Zoetrope. This particular tale was prompted by “a dangling conversation,” or a conversation between two people, only one of whom speaks; the other speaks only with actions.

So, here are an unhappy husband and wife.  But whose unhappiness came first?

She’s fallen into the vortex of the Internet, and I’m no Luddite but let’s face it, people do get trapped there.  And her husband, whether he is the cause of her turning away or not, is frustrated by her absence-when-present.  This is couched in a metaphor, of the Pacific Trash Vortex; an iPhone or a Galaxy or any technology is just more plastic junk in the information maelstrom one holds in the palm of one’s hand. A toxic swirl in what should be a healthy ocean, the living waters, of life, of marriage.

Her name, Mariana, is a nod to the Trench; his, Kurt, is a nod to the Dada playwright, Schwitters. Says me :o) I love a good Schwitters collage.

I hope that you enjoy the story.  Special thanks to my super-fave editor, Randall Brown, for his good advisement on what to jettison from earlier drafts, and his excellent thoughts on where to compress for greatest benefit.

Thank you for visiting my blog, and here is where you can find “She Curled Tight,” at Long Exposure Magazine.