“Pea Coat” | Freak: Pure Slush | 16 December 2016 |

Thank you, Matt Potter for including this story in your latest Pure Slush Vol. 13:  Freak.

At this time, anthology is print-only, so below is a link leading to the publisher’s page where you can check out and order the full edition.  Along with my story, you’ll find ones from the amazing Paul Beckman, Len Kuntz, Alex Reece Abbott, David Atkinson, and so many more!
Pure Slush Vol. 13: Freak includes “Pea Coat”

“Pea Coat” is a story based on a Cherokee folk tale, “How the Milky Way Came to Be”with the addition of some exasperated, modern day, matter-of-fact rants about LAX. Like most Twitter users, I’m a big fan of Roxane Gay’s tweets — and of all the things she comments on my fave-of-faves are those where she wonders at the goings-on in LAX.  I just love her voice and point of view!

Regarding airports: Just today, did you hear the reports of today’s pile of lost and abandoned luggage that needs to be sorted through at Denver International Airport?  Ai yai yai.  The story says something about the frustration of modern air travel.

Many thanks to editor Matt Potter at Pure Slush for accepting the story.  Originally published in print on 16 December 2016.

 Here is a link to the bookstore at Lulu, where you’ll find information on how to order. I’ve ordered a number of anthologies from Lulu and have found them all to be of high quality.

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