Featured Fiction: She Curled Tight by Anne Weisgerber

Here I am talking about and reading “She Curled Tight” in Long Exposure Magazine. A lot of ideas in under 300 words. Story begins at 1:54

Anne Weisgerber discusses and reads her flash fiction piece She Curled Tight for Long Exposure Magazine.

For more flash fiction like this, purchase Issue 4 of Long Exposure Magazine here.

Although they lived on a soft and quiet cul-de-sac, inside oily blooms of rubbery mold sprouted in standing coffee, powdery spores spawned on fruit, and Mariana often scouted exits when Kurt approached. He spoke charismatically, with palms open and outward, his whole body unhinged, an open flower.


Mariana clanged and bashed dishes out of and into the Whirlpool, as Kurt steered round like a ragged war ship.   “Every iPhone is plastic junk.   Enormous trash that will drag you down like an anchor.” Kurt crushed a can of Code Red for emphasis, and his lips parted when finished.   His thumb felt the sharp seams, the other hand stroked his forearm, wishing it were hers.   He, a starved bottlenose pinging…

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