Review |Analog: Poems & Out of Context by John Gosslee | Change Seven Magazine | 11 April 2017

This review, of John Gosslee’s Analog: Poems and Out of Context, was first published at Change Seven Magazine on 11 April 2017, with thanks to Sheryl Monks for the opportunity.

Happy National Poetry month!  When given the opportunity to review Gosslee’s new book of black out poetry, I realized he actually has TWO new books of poetry out, so I decided to review them both together.

Black out poems and visual mark-making fascinate me — read the review to find out how and why.

Because of time and space, I couldn’t include everything I wanted to in the review, so here is some bonus material:

  • You can find out more information about the poet’s many projects at his personal website:
  • As a writer with journalistic training, I find Fair Use and redaction art to be a real

    hot-bed topic of debate.  To be honest, I always fall on the side of the artist be they creator or redactor. (I love Banksy, too.) Here is an interview that Gosslee did with White Hot Magazine that provides his thoughts on the matter.

Hop on over to Change Seven via this link, and while you’re there, kick around a bit.  Sheldon Lee Compton has a great new column on films, “Split Screen,” that’s a must-read!

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Header image (c) John Gosslee. Set of photo booth photo-strips. “Quimby’s Bookstore in Chicago, 2015”