“Love” | Matchbook Lit Mag | 21 May 2018

Many thanks to editor Ramesh Pillay at Matchbook Lit for his excellent editorial suggestions, which were so important in a story as short as this one is. Or is it a story? Judge for yourself by reading it here.

“Love” may be a piece in which sound is important. I like to read this one aloud, and will do so in NYC on 6/1. If you’re local, head on over to KGB Red Room, 85 E 4th St, where I’ll be helping to celebrate my friend Paul Beckman’s book release for Kiss Kiss. I’m going to read one of Paul’s stories, and then one or two of my own.

Sometimes I explain things in these blog journals, but Matchbook allows for an author’s note, so you can read my thoughts at the magazine.  I enjoy the layout of Matchbook stories — so square and sparse and lovely.

A good way to know if it’s warm enough to plant a Kentucky Wonder bean is to go and stand barefoot in the garden dirt for five minutes without getting cold. Kentucky means something like land of tomorrow. I love that, like I love flipping through my dead father’s old Exotica. I am now married for twenty-five years. Our secret is only one person at a time can be crazy. I ordered a copy of The New Sylva for our arborist son. Here’s what I think: R. W. Emerson was on to something when he said there are but ten minutes in the life of a pear when it is perfect to eat.

One thing I can add: this was prompted by Kathy Fish in one of her legendary “Fast Flash” workshops. The prompt was to begin with image of something close-up (the radish in hand under running water) and the pan out in a way that evokes an emotion. Vegetable and flower gardens have always been meaningful places in my life, as a marriage blooms over time.

Matchbook Lit is a wonderful journal and the journal publishes one story “of indeterminate prose” every two weeks. I am happy to offer this indeterminate bit of hybrid fiction/nonfiction, prose/poetry and become part of their history.

6 thoughts on ““Love” | Matchbook Lit Mag | 21 May 2018

    1. Oh thank you Kathy. I am so happy it found its place in the world. Every story I begin with you finds a beautiful place to sit. Isn’t Matchbook gorgeous? It lays out like a little garden plot, with all the happy sectioning like a Mondrian painting, everything so balanced. Really love what they do. Thanks for dropping by and commenting. Means a lot to have your writing friendship. x

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      1. Don’t think I’ve ever read anything on Matchbook I didn’t think was amazing. I had forgotten about that exercise and haven’t been using it in recent workshops. I think I’ll bring it back. :-)

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        1. I love how your workshop is going so well that now you can do prompt rotations in and out, trying new things, always moving forward. Hope you had a good writing weekend. x

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          1. Thanks! I taught a live workshop to 22 students and it went really well (they told me I’d have 9 students but a bunch more signed up at the last minute). Writing? What is that? ;-) I’m looking forward to summer and getting to work on my own stuff. xo

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