“Sweet Violets” | New Flash Fiction Review: Issue 14 | 1 September 2018

UPDATE: On 23 October 2018, a translation of this story was published in the Italian journal, Tuffi Rivista. Translator: Luigi D’Agnone. Italian version of “Sweet Violets” can be found here.

Thanks to fiction editor Al Kratz, and EICs Meg Pokrass and Tino Prinzi for accepting “Sweet Violets” to New Flash Fiction Review No. 14.  You can hop to the story here.

This is a prose-poem direct from the heart. I began working on it with flash genius Kathy Fish, and finalized it under the influence of workshops led by lyric essay genius Angela Pelster.

I dedicate this one to my little sister, Catherine. We had many sweet moments at play in a childhood that, at least for me, was marked by home-made clothing and joy in language.

The title of the story is also that of a silly song, full of corny, plain old wordplay. Please, enjoy it. <3


Thank you for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy “Sweet Violets.” Happy September.