“Neighbor Network” | 21 October 2019 | Queen Mob’s Tea House

Thank you, Fiction Editor Jessica Sequeira at Queen Mob’s Tea House for selecting and publishing “Neighbor Network.” I am delighted to have a story, a choral narrative, at this journal. Link to it here.

So, what do I mean by a choral narrative?  First-person plural. Many voices talking about many voices (including themselves). I mean this is a portrait of a neighborhood, gleaned from individual voices. I guess pro-writers would see this, oh god, as sentence fragments, chased by authoritative statements, followed by voicey nonsense. Just like being in a neighborhood chat forum. Chime-ins, I suppose my grandmother would have said, or maybe the peanut gallery. The collective in this network resides in any town any place where every one has a surveillance doorbell camera. I love how repetitious the concerns can be (same problem, different dog; recommendations; mail delivery) and it amazes me that people give freely of their faith to such a narrow view of the world. I love it.

Thanks go out to to Kaj Tanaka, who hosted a weekend online workshop last May, via Bending Genres, and encouraged me to keep rolling with this draft. Also, thank you to Benjamin Woodard, outstanding literary citizen, who gave terrific initial feedback.

Here is a link. I hope you’ll hop over to Queen Mob’s Tea House and enjoy “Neighbor Network.” Thank you for visiting my blog. The photo at the header is of my family, being photographed by neighbors after Hurricane Sandy hit. The chat forum was buzzing that day lolol.