Sleeping Beauty: Markson Fangirl

This episodic flash is a favorite, and I thank Randall Brown for introducing me to the works of David Markson.  I’m super-pleased that this story appears in print and online at Tahoma Literary Review. Vol 2 No. 3 page 143.

Not only is this the first fiction of mine ever published, but it was nominated by editor Joe Ponepinto at Tahoma for a Best Small Fiction 2016 award at Queens Ferry Press. I’m proud to say that out of thousands of small fictions worldwide, this story was a Finalist and was read by the contest judge, Stuart Dybek.

My story is on page 143-6, but please enjoy the whole issue, or even better, if you want to support a small press that pays its writers, please order a copy and hold it all in your hands for $10.99.  You can purchase a copy here.  …and… you can get $2 off by using the discount code 9U5RLUA3.

PDF: The pdf file is free and will open in Acrobat Reader and some e-reader apps. It is an exact reproduction of the print issue designed to be read on any monitor, including smart phone, tablet, laptop or other computer. It includes an interactive Table of Contents.