This little flash is part of a little group of flash stories where I was thinking about old language, about deployment of the word O.  And then I was thinking of the thees and thines (apparently thou is insulting in some pockets of England, which I think is really cool).

When we address each other with proper title, with some sense of decorum, would everything elevate?  Would that little respect be enough? We don’t know.

This flash appears in the Vignette Review Winter Issue.  I also want to thank Kathy Fish.  She offers these wonderful two-week workshops, she calls them FastFlash, and they are really liberating and for someone like me, who is willfully ignorant of some writing rules and painfully attentive to others, her love of the hybrid form is really enlivening.

The small group that I took that FastFlash class with decided to stick together, and you know what I’ve discovered now that I have a group of dedicated flash writers in my life? Well, I didn’t know that’s what my life was missing.  Life gets better when you’re in league.

I hope you enjoy the story.  Thank you for reading it.