New Fiction: Monsanto Ted Talk Plan | Visual Verse

Visual Verse provides a neat opportunity to respond to an image in 50-500 words, asking only that you spend less than one hour on your response. I am pleased they chose to publish this, a restricted story, told in only verbs, as a companion to Grant Wood’s iconic painting, American Gothic.

Thanks go out to Christopher Dewan, who is a great workshop leader, for providing a prompt that asked for just such a restriction. Fun and challenging way to tell a story. :o)

Here’s a link to my all-verb micro story, “Monsanto Ted Talk Plan.”

Thank you for reading!

2 thoughts on “New Fiction: Monsanto Ted Talk Plan | Visual Verse

    1. I lurve picture prompts. xo I also have a request for a picture prompt sent in to peopleholding and I do hope I hear from them. Gay I miss you! Maths make me anxious. I am most definitely a words person. I can’t get back to the fishtank soon enough! xo


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