New Fiction: Before the Funeral | The Gambler Magazine

First published 1 April 2016 in The Gambler Magazine.  

I tried my hand at a flash triptych.  Have you ever tried one?  The story goes in the middle, and in columns down both sides there is a bit of a running commentary.  This story clocks in well under 1k words and the structure makes a hard shell around an emotional core.  They are fun to write, and somehow sate my journalistic inclinations.

This was originally just the story in the center column, written as an exercise in zeugma, but then I added contrastive duplication, Ballantine Ale, the Beastie Boys, horoscopes, Billy Collins, and Wheel of Fortune.  A couple of rebus puzzles.  Flash is like that: Figure your pathway and pile on the layers!

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 11.42.04 AM

And I miss my dad. He was a very cool, quiet man.

Thanks very much to the editors of The Gambler Magazine for finding room for this little study.  I hope you enjoy reading Before the Funeral.