New Flash: Yuppies | Ink in Thirds | 1 May 2016

First published at Ink in Thirds on 1 May 2016.  Thanks to Editor Grace Black for taking in this creepy little look at the 1990s.

I’ll never forget, being from NJ, the horrible kidnapping of an Exxon executive by two self-consumed yuppies who just wanted ransom money, and cared so little for their human cargo.  You can look up stories about it, it’s so sad.  or you can get the gist of the whole sour failure of humanity by riding along in a cargo van for a short hop with my two killers.

I had workshopped this one with Kathy Fish, and I remember she especially got a kick out of Myrna chucking it into drive while rolling in reverse.  It’s nice to hear that that little something extra about a character is appreciated.

Thanks for dropping through my blog on your way to read it.  I hope you enjoy it, and the rest of Ink in Thirds‘s second issue. Here is “Yuppies.”

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    1. Paula! What a nice surprise to see you here at the blog. Thank you for dropping in and for reading! xoxo Loved the photos you posted the other day from the Broad. Your children are gorgeous and lovely.


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