Flash Reprint: Upfurler | Flash Fiction Net | 10 May 2016

Reprinted 10 May 2016 at Flash Fiction Net.  Here is a direct link to the story: Upfurler.

Thank you, editor Matt Potter, for original print publication of this story in the Pure Slush FIVE Anthology, January 2016.  Thanks also to editor Randall Brown, for reprinting this story, today, in digital form at Flash Fiction Net.

Thank you to the early readers of this story, especially Lisa Reardon at Gotham and my Fishtank writing friends. Thanks to my good neighbor, Brian McGurn, for surviving both World Trade Center bombings (’93 and ’01).

Weisgerber Halberstam

Here is a picture of David Halberstam and me, 10 September 2001. If you read the story, the essay accompanying it makes mention of him.

Here is an illustration from a children’s book, “Fireboat: The Heroic Adventures of the John J. Harvey.” I bought this in 2002 and credit illustrator Mira Kalman with being at the vanguard of artists to capture the humanity of the day with her exceptional picture book.


Here is a link where you will see a picture of Eric Fischl’s “Tumbling Woman” sculpture, and a news report of its removal. 

That article, dated 18 September 2002, quotes the sculpture’s plaque, a heartfelt poem by Fischl himself:

“We watched,
disbelieving and helpless,
on that savage day.
People we love
began falling,
helpless and in disbelief.”

I hope that you enjoy “Upfurler,” and if you do, my hope is that you will please share it with those who experienced 9/11, directly or indirectly.

Thank you for visiting my blog.  Here is a link to a 9/11 story:  “Upfurler.”