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First published on Shotgun Honey 12 July 2016.  To jump to the story, click here.

First and foremost, thanks to Editor Ron Earl Phillips for hosting and creating such a cool crime fiction site, Shotgun Honey.  I’ve spent hours looking through the archives and reading stories there, and it’s like a constant stream of scenes and stories from the best crime shows.

So, I can’t believe I wrote a crime fiction story, but I did.  Thanks go to my flash fiction workshop clan, The Fishtank, for their inspiration to write a backwards narrative.

Writing a backwards narrative is strange — you really have to keep track of the cause and effect — and I hope you enjoy reading this backwards tale full of clues and keys until, I hope, you arrive at the surprising real start to the story.

My method depended on nobody letting a breeze in by opening a door. Shee-ooo it’s not easy.

I hope you enjoy the story, and while you’re over at Shotgun Honey, take a look around and enjoy a full visit.  Link to my story, “Keys,” here.

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  1. Oh, boy. I’m blushing. I think that was one of my prompts. But, of course, that’s not why the story’s so good.

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