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First published at Entropy Magazine on 19 July 2016.

Many thanks to editor Megan Broughton for accepting this very favorite story as part of Entropy’s “Variations on a Theme: Music” series.

This story has a lot of my favorite themes: Orphean mythology, the creative process, marriage, and blurred lines.

I used to listen to the Minimal Man Safari album back in college — those who’ve known me a long time know those were days spent as a DJ at radio stations and clubs when vinyl still ruled.  The album art (sadly, I sold my copy of this album years ago and did not have an image of my own) was screen grabbed, and I cannot find who owns the image to provide proper attribution so if you know who the photographer is, please tell me.

I love repetitive motifs in music and literature, think Brandenberg Concertos or… “Pull Back the Bolt” by Minimal Man. It was the untrained vocals of Patrick Miller that kept me coming back to the song — most of what I listened to in the 1980s was not at all mainstream, unsurprisingly.

I had forgotten the album cover image, and am struck by how perfectly it fits this story — a woman covered in paint in front of a canvas, in a story about a goddess being freed by an artist.  How beautiful.

There is also an allusion to Yeats and a colt in this story.  Here’s W.B. Yeats’s poem, “The Fascination of What’s Difficult”:


I hope you enjoy the story!  Read it here at Entropy Magazine.