Review: The Expanse Between by Lee Krecklow | Change Seven Magazine |21 March 2017

This Change Seven Magazine review of The Expanse Between by Lee Krecklow was first published on 21 March 2017. Thank you editor Sheryl Monks for supporting emerging writers and publishing reviews of new work from small presses like Winter Goose.

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Flashback to February 2017: One of the cool things about going to AWP is running into friends you know from Lit Journals, workshops, and slush piles.

Lee Krecklow and I used to read slush together for a wonderful, wonderful journal, Pithead Chapel, and I always enjoyed our interactions there. I was so happy when I heard last year that he had a novel coming out, so I let him know that when Advanced Review Copies became available, I’d love to be an early reader and reviewer for him.  We left it at that.

So, time passed and who do I run into at the AWP Convention in Washington, DC last month, like literally the first day I’m walking down the fairway at the Book Fair, which is sensory overload, but Lee! I hear “Hey? Anne?” and I

Lee Krecklow and Anne Weisgerber, at AWP 2017 in Washington DC

knew right away it was Lee. What a nice welcome to an overwhelming place. You really can recognize people from social media photos.

Lee happened to have an ACR with him, so I picked it up in person.  Here is a picture of us at AWP:

And here is another AWP picture I took of Ben Tanzer, Lee, and Rae Bryant.  Moments after taking this picture, I fell flat on my back because when I squatted down to take that pro-photo (jk) I lost my balance because of the weight of all the books and magazines in my backpack.  Seriously, it was like: Ben, I loved your reading at Busboys & Poets! Rae, I love what you do at Eckleberg Workshops! and Lee — please help me up. Hah hah hah. Here they are, looking at me as I slowly fall backward lol.

Ben Tanzer, Lee Krecklow, and Rae Bryant at AWP 2017 in Washington, DC

It was all worth it, I am happy to report, because the book is excellent, provocative, and here’s my review of Krecklow’s debut novel, The Expanse Between.  I mean, that’s one fear I have when reviewing the work of a friend or acquaintance: what if I don’t like it?!??  Gladly, I enjoyed Krecklow’s work and I think you will, too! Hop on over to the review via this link.

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