2 Stories: “Pix” and “Orphan” | DIAGRAM | 30 June 2017

As a reader, who might be characterized as frequenting “the off-roads and byways of literature,” I love reading DIAGRAM, a magazine edited and published by Ander Monson at the University of Arizona.  Thank you to Ander and to fiction editors Sarah Blackman and Katie Jean Shinkle for selecting these. I cannot wait to read the issue entire.

To jump to the stories, follow this link.

I also want to thank Randall Brown and Kathy Fish.  Randall helped me whittle away at “Pix” editorially.  What a pleasure it is to work with a sure critic.  “Orphan” was born by a prompt Kathy had offered.  It was, simply, “write one breathless paragraph.” I’ve read “Orphan” a number of times at literary readings, and for some reason “that story about Blank” is a monologue that audiences relate to, and respond to.  It’s sad-fun.

You’ll see at DIAGRAM that I left notes on the two stories.  In lieu of my usual blog post about the hows and whys things came to be, I’ll suggest you read them over at the magazine, instead.

It looks like this year for my birthday I’ll be celebrating DIAGRAM, a true goal publication for me.  While you’re there, take a look at the whole tamale. I feel like DIAGRAM and Poor Claudia are publishing some of the best prose-poem and hybrid work today.

Thank you for visiting this place; Here are“Pix” and “Orphan” over at DIAGRAM.

Read, and if you like, please share them.