New Review: I’m From Electric Peak by Bud Smith

Originally published in Change Seven Magazine | 3 May 2016

I’m From Electric Peak by Bud Smith | Artistically Declined Press, 2016 | ISBN: 9781530534029

I love novellas and chapbooks, so I was super excited to read the new Bud Smith work on offer.  It was the April selection from this groovy book subscription service I belong to, the Nervous Breakdown Book Club.  Take a look at that site and see what they’ve been dishing out lately — they send out some great reading material, mostly from small presses, which we all want to support.

Or — if you know a reader who’d love to get a wildflower of a read once a month, think of it as a gift that’s more impressive than the Jelly-of-the-Month club, and will last longer than a Harry + David’s basket.  Who doesn’t like to get a package in the mail?  Who?

(I have no connection to the NBBC other than being a happy customer, so shout out to a cool thing.)

Factoid: Unknown Press, which published Rift: Stories by Kathy Fish and Robert Vaughan, is edited by Bud Smith!  Busy guy.

I hope you enjoy my review of I’m from Electric Peak.  I surely enjoyed reading it.