Sleeping Beauty: Markson Fangirl

Orginally published at Tahoma Literary Review | Finalist: Best Small Fictions 2016 | The eye pauses at twenty- nine seconds, takes a deep breath, and psyches itself up to make ready and charge the sleeping Broad. At thirty-three, superfluous graphic details vanish, and the camera makes the Broad seem slutty, like, it’s go time. Get in my belly.

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Non-Fiction: Hidden Design: Considering Sculpture by Smithson and Calicchia

Originally published by American Society of Newspaper Editors via Kent State University | “Maybe I read once that he had a space in downtown New York, but he wasn’t a promoter. And then you have Giancarlo, who is a giant in the stone carving industry, but he is also a businessman.”

– Cameron Gray, an LA artist on the brink of over saturation

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